Unique Stainless Designs, LLC

“Turning Dreams Into Reality”


Our team of designers is great at engineering and designing custom metal products based on specific customer needs.

Forward Thinking

Our fabrication process is simple.  Like clock work we will get your project in and out as fast as possible for the best price possible.

Problem Solvers

Can’t figure something out?  We are here to help! Just give us a call.

Customer Support

Let us assist and help provide the necessary resources you need to make your dreams come true!

Our Story

Unique Stainless Designs was created to sell, design, & service top notch custom fabricated metal products for both commercial and residential clients.  When design is on the mind our team’s goal is to engineer a product tailored to your exact needs and specifications.  Our lengthy history in the metal fabrication industry insures your products will be fabricated correctly without error and last a lifetime as you would expect!

Years Of Experience

Our Team

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson


Jordan was raised up around his father’s metal shop and has spent his entire life working in one.  In 2006 Jordan & his father Darrell founded Unique Stainless Designs, LLC.  Today Jordan spends the majority of his time developing new business relationships, and designing/improving daily business processes and procedures!  Jordan is very skilled in all areas of the metal shop, but particularly good with numbers and math.  He is also very well organized.  Jordan serves as the Chairman and oversees the entire company operations. Jordan’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, & dirt track racing.

Darrell Johnson

Darrell Johnson


Darrell brings to the table experience plain and simple.  He took metal shop in high school and started welding right out of.  He shortly then after went into business for himself and has been ever since the mid 1970s.  He has started and sold several successful companies.  He plays a major roll at Unique Stainless Designs as most design principals are created based off of his experience. Today he spends the majority of his time developing new business relationships and overseeing current projects. He is the youngest of three brothers.  Darrell’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, & drag racing.

Spencer Johnson

Spencer Johnson

Production Manager

Spencer was also raised up around his father’s metal shop and has spent his entire life working in one.  He is the younger of two brothers by 4 years.  In 2010 Spencer teamed up with Jordan & Darrell to serve as the Production Manager, & Shop Foreman of the production facility located in Grand Prairie, TX.   Spencer is skilled in all areas of the fabrication process and could take a project from start to finish on his own if he had to.  He continues to be a problem solver and to help make necessary production changes to accommodates today’s project needs. Spencer’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, & drag racing.

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