Unique Stainless Designs offers a large range of sheet metal, tubing, and bar stock materials in various shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Our quality products are perfect for any industry needs with superior durability.

Stainless Steel Sheet
Stainless Steel Plate
Stainless Steel Bar
Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel Expanded Metal
Stainless Steel Structural Shapes
Stainless Steel Tread Plate
Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet
Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Bar
Aluminum Tubing
Aluminum Pipe
Aluminum Expanded Metal
Aluminum Structural Shapes
Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminum Perforated Sheet
Brass & Copper Sheet
Brass & Copper Plate
Brass & Copper Bar
Brass & Copper Tubing
Brass Pipe
Zinc Sheet
Bronze Bar & Angle
Nickel Products
Galvanized Products
Carbon Steel Sheet
Carbon Steel Plate
Carbon Steel Bar
Carbon Steel Tubing
Carbon Steel Pipe
Carbon Steel Expanded Metal
Carbon Steel Structural Shapes
Carbon Steel Tread Plate
Carbon Steel Perforated Sheet


Did you know that some of our metal finishes are still applied by hand today? Most materials we stock do have a factory finish though. There are also many specialty finishes, patterns, and textures available as well. Do you have a special request? Still need help? Give us a call today, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!

2B Matte Finish
#4 Brushed Finish
#8 Mirror Finish
Linen Finish
Starlight Finish
Heavy Bead Blast Finish
Anti-Fingerprint Coating Finish
Vibration Finish
Random Swirl Finish
6-OM Finish
Oxford Finish
Hammertone Finish
Powder-Coated Finishes
Circle CD Finish
Hairline Finish
Black Smoke Tinted Finish
Crossfire Finish
Satin Finish
Vortex Finish
2-Star Finish
12LG Finish
Canvas Finish
Leathergrain Finish
5-SM Finish
13-SD Finish
Painted Finishes
Checks Finish
Diamonds Finish
Rhomboids Finish
Sandstar Finish
Squares Finish
2WL Finish
5WL Finish
6WL Finish
7GM Finish
Granex M1A Finish
Vapor Finish
#10 Super Mirror Finish
Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
9EH Finish
10WG Finish
11PS Finish
13SD Finish
Cambridge Finish
Quilted Finish
Treadtex Finish
StarShadow Finish
Suede Finish
Jitterbug Finish
Random Grinding Finish
Honed Finish
Mill Finish